Urujyu Kintsugi Workshop

Urushi (lacquer) is used in the traditional Kintsugi technique; as a simplified

technique epoxy resin is also being used in modern days.


Traditional Kintsugi Workshop (with lacquer)

・To get an idea of the complete process at least 3 two hours sessions are


・3-10 days are recommended, if you wish to have a longer course please

  kindly contact.

・Fee: 10,000yen per session + 1 set of material & tool (12,650yen or 17,600yen)

・Please note that some people may have allergic responds to direct contact

with natural lacquer, gloves are provided in the workshop.

KINTSUGI Material & Tool Set


・Kintsugi Standard set 12,650yen(powder finish)

・Kintsugi Advance set 17,600yen( polish finish)

*For Traditional Kintsugi Workshop Standard or Advance set are required



・Miyama-cho agale teranoue36,Nantan-shi,Kyoto




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