Kinds of Kintsugi

 1,“Powder finish” using “”

(Kintsugi Standard set)

2, “Polish finish” using “Maru-fun”

(Kintsugi Advance set)


Among makie Powder, there are the smallest ‘keshi-fun’ and the larger ‘maru-fun’, depending on which powder is used the finishing method can be divided into two.

Various kinds of metals are used in makie powder, for repairing tableware, gold and silver are recommended in terms of food safety.

Kinds of damage and way of repair

  1. Small chipping - fill the chipped area, apply lacquer, sprinkle metal powder

  2. Broken - stick the pieces together, fill any gaps / chipped area, apply lacquer, sprinkle metal powder

  3. Big chipping or lost pieces - reconstruct missing area/ piece, apply lacquer, sprinkle metal powder

*Since natural lacquer are being used in this repair method, there is possibility of skin allergic reaction, please use gloves during the process. In case of contact with skin, please remove lacquer with cooking oil and clean thoroughly with soap or mild detergent. Allergic reactions vary depending on individual, please consult a doctor in case of severe reaction.