How to make basic materials ‘sabi’

By adding α to‘urushi’ basic lacquer, the properties of the lacquer changes and is converted into materials for shaping, filling and adhesive.


  1. How to make ‛sabi'… for filling small chipped areas.

  Materials: 'tonoko'+ water + basic lacquer

  Quantity                      1:1(volume ratio)

Drying time : 1 day

ⅰ)Place on top of the glass plate. Break it into the size of a bean, add water with a pipette. 

  Let it sit for 2-3 minutes, when the water is well absorbed, blend it with a spatula until it feels like the texture of a thick

ⅱ)toothpaste. If it is too wet, cover it with a piece of tissue paper for 2-3 minutes and blend it again.

ⅲ)Place basic lacquer next to the water mixture. The ratio of basic lacquer and the water mixture is 1:1 according to its volume.

ⅳ)Mix the basic lacquer into the water mixture little by little in 3 times, mix it until it is evenly blended in. is done when the mixture

  becomes like the texture of melted chocolate.













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